Printable Crossword Puzzles

The granddaddy of all puzzles, crosswords need no introduction! We're pleased to offer a new "classic-style" crossword each day, as well as a new "Clueless Crosswords" - kind of a mix between a traditional crossword puzzle and a cryptogram. We'll also be posting one new "Quick Crossword" here every week.

New printable crossword puzzles will be made available every day, directly from this page. Want more? Try our brand new site for online crossword puzzles!

Crossword Puzzles

Classic crossword puzzles on a 15x15 grid. These puzzles will range in difficulty anywhere from easy to medium-hard. If you get stuck on a clue, just request a hint - our customized software will allow you to uncover just a single word or even just a single box at a time, without revealing the entire puzzle to you. There's no shame in getting a little help!

  2023-03-25    Crossword Puzzle #Z8G34M4B
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  2023-03-24    Crossword Puzzle #3K59XSD3
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  2023-03-23    Crossword Puzzle #9QB9W4F7
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  2023-03-22    Crossword Puzzle #EE565LX3
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Clueless Crossword Puzzles

These puzzles look just like a regular crossword puzzle, but as the name suggests, there will be no clues! Sort of a mix between a cryptogram and a crossword puzzle, these will require you to figure out letter distribution and word patterns just by looking at the three letter combinations given at the start of the puzzle. Can you fill in the grid? Good luck!

  2023-03-25    Clueless Crossword #WZ396TN
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  2023-03-24    Clueless Crossword #VF750MT
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  2023-03-23    Clueless Crossword #OI726PM
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  2023-03-22    Clueless Crossword #EU315PB
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Quick Crossword Puzzles

Can you solve these "Quick Crosswords" in 10 minutes or less? There are fewer clues to solve, but also fewer connections between each word - see if you're up to the challenge! All "Quick Crosswords" were created by Bianca Morèl. You can find more puzzles by Bianca at:

  2023-03-24  Quick Crossword #AW241PV
  2023-03-17  Quick Crossword #OP780ZP

Hints & Solutions for Crossword Puzzles

Stuck on a puzzle and need a hint? Or do you just want to check your solution to make sure it's correct? Either way, we've got you covered! Just find the unique puzzle id for the puzzle you're working on and enter it below to find the information you need.

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All of our printable puzzles are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader - a free download - to view and print them. Most computers will already have this installed, but if yours doesn't, click here to get Adobe Reader »