We provide several new crossword puzzles each day, and will soon begin our line of "Clueless Crosswords". Get hints on individual clues or squares without revealing the entire solution!

Range: Easy to Medium-Difficult.

Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzles

Using only a short list of clues and your own wits, determine the relationships between each person, place or thing by filling in the given grid with X's and O's. The solution will slowly begin to reveal itself as you move from clue to clue.

Range: Easy to Challenging.

Printable Number Puzzles


These brand new number puzzles offer a new twist for fans of traditional Sudoku. Four new number puzzles (Rosettas, Star Puzzles and Subaddos/Subaddos-3D) are made available each and every week.

Range: Easy to Very Hard.

Presented by Puzzle Baron

Puzzle Baron has been serving the online puzzle community since 2007 with our various puzzling web sites, but we know there's still a big demand for proper pencil-and-paper puzzling. That's where comes in! We've made high-resolution, print-quality versions of all of our most popular online puzzles and collected them here in one place for you to download, print and enjoy. Dozens of new printable puzzles are added each day, so check back often!

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Teachers and Educators

Our puzzles are excellent tools in teaching logic, pattern recognition, grammar and vocabulary. Plus, they're just plain fun! Feel free to use any of our printable puzzles in the classroom, and if you do, we'd love to hear about it!

Please note: if you intend to distribute puzzles to children, please check the puzzles and solutions first to make sure they are age-appropriate for your intended audience. 99.9% of our puzzles are safe for all ages, but a rare few puzzles may contain PG-13 language or themes.

Got an Idea or Suggestion?

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Download Adobe Reader

All of our printable puzzles are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader - a free download - to view and print them. Most computers will already have this installed, but if yours doesn't, click here to get Adobe Reader »